By Nancy Eubanks

There is an old saying, “follow the money.” We in Northern California have a race for the House of Representatives in our Congressional District 1: Audrey Denny vs. Doug LaMalfa.

According to public finance filings and posted on, Denney has raised over $800,000 (recently reported to be over $1 million); 39 percent from small donors of less than $200 each. She also has raised about 54 percent of her funds from within our district. She has vowed to take no PAC money.

Contrast that with LaMalfa. He has raised about $800,000; 2 percent from small donors, 38 percent from within our district and 46 percent from PACs.

We need someone who truly represents us. We need someone who will protect Social Security and Medicare. We need someone who will fight for a fair tax code that benefits everyone, particularly middle and lower incomes — not just rich individuals and corporations as the Republican tax cut scam has done. We need someone who will fight for small farmers, as her background shows. And we need Democrats to take back the House to restore some checks and balances to the corrupt Trump administration. Please vote for Audrey Denney for Congress.

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