I was going to write a note to encourage everyone to keep going, but liked this one from the editor of the Auburn Democratic Club so well, I thought I’d share it with you–just add in Nevada County. Let’s sprint to the finish. Call 802-5431 or stop by the NCDCC office at 138 E Main Street, Grass Valley. 

 Margie Joehnck, 2nd Vice chair, NCDCC

Chair, Candidate Recruitment and Support Committee


I don’t know about you, but I’m almost exhausted.  I’ve never worked so intensely on a project as I have in our efforts to get our outstanding congressional candidates Audrey Denney (CD-01) and Jessica Morse (CD-04) into office.  So much is at stake, not only for our northern California districts, but also for the country and for our very democracy.

The final heat is on, the sprint to the finish line. So many of us who believe so fervently in our candidates have spent long hours canvassing in the heat of our Auburn summer and writing postcards until we had hand cramps.  We have been united in our efforts because we DO believe in the strength of our candidates and see this as a unique opportunity to turn our patch of red California blue.

As fatigued as we may be at this point, a Big Blue Wave is in sight, and we dare not slack off at this point!  Let’s all join in this last push over the finish line, doing everything we possibly can to make it happen. Think of the celebration we’ll have when we see them on the Maddow show!   

Onward and upward; better together!!

Sunny Carraway, newsletter editor

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