By Meri Mohr

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Hilary Hodge on her recent campaign for Nevada County Supervisor. I was passionate about her candidacy because of her stance on jobs and small business.

I am an entrepreneur with years of experience leading global teams of remote workers, so I anticipated being able to maintain my client base after moving to Grass Valley. Unfortunately, without broadband I can’t reliably join a video conference call and share my desktop without connectivity issues. These are table stakes for remote workers in today’s economy.

Jobs for knowledge-workers are sparse here in Grass Valley and around the county. Some of the most exciting innovations are in small, local, service-based business, such as the wave of new restaurants and breweries opening up around town, in local small scale agriculture and cannabis, and in work done by lone entrepreneurs working from home. I would love to see Grass Valley support incentives for innovators and entrepreneurs so that we can connect, scale, and create real economic diversity and strength.

Hodge understands the modern job economy, the needs of knowledge workers working remotely, and the dynamics of new, innovative small business.

Vote Hilary Hodge for Grass Valley City Council.

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