By Jackie Finley


Like everyone else, I was saddened by the recent disappearance and murder of the young Iowa college student, Mollie Tibbetts.  Her death struck me especially hard, as her father and I were colleagues in the 1990s when we both worked in a large San Francisco design firm.   I can only imagine what he has gone through during the past several weeks and unfortunately, what he’ll be going through the rest of his life.

Trump’s need to politicize this young woman’s tragic death to further his racist, anti-immigration tirades is beyond the pale.  That isn’t the point of this short writing, however.  My point is to encourage readers to research immigration and crime in the United States in order to learn the truth about this divisive issue. Contrary to what Trump encourages Americans to believe, we are not being overrun by criminals from across our borders. For more accurate reporting, read The New York Times’ article, The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant (March 30, 2018) or review the transcript from May 2, 2018 of NPR’s Morning Edition topic:  Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, Four Studies Show.  These are just two of dozens of legitimate studies, reports, and discussions that are available for review and thought.  Trump and his ilk will undoubtedly consider such studies and reports “fake news,” but to me, the facts speak for themselves.

The other day, while again using Mollie’s name to rally his troops against immigrants, Trump yells out, “How could this happen?”  His rant made me again wonder how it could happen that this country, once known for professing equality and justice, could not only elect such a self-focused narcissist, but continue to tolerate his antics and attacks on good people.  It is pathetic.

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