By Robert Provenzano


So, Mr. LaMalfa, whatever happened to infrastructure?  Where did it go?  Why am I falling into potholes big enough for my truck to fit into?  While you are so busy giving tax money to people with plenty of money, we, your constituents are spending our hard earned dollars repairing our vehicles after driving on the US highway system.  There is more to infrastructure than the Sites Reservoir.


Mr. LaMalfa wants you to know that he passed:

H.R, 6147       Department of Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act passed 217-199    LaMalfa voted Yea   This bill was passed by the Senate with changes and returned to the House for final approval.

Prohibits the Federal Employee Health Benefits program from funding abortions.

Prohibits funding regulations that require entities working under federal contract to disclose campaign contributions.

Prohibits the SEC from requiring reporting of political contributions in SEC filings.

Provides language to force delisting of the gray wolf as an endangered species and prevents the listing of the Greater Sage-Grouse.

Repeal the Waters of the United States regulations that Mr. LaMalfa has been fighting against since it was first introduced.

Prohibits regulating lead in ammunition and fishing tackle.

Exempt livestock producers from greenhouse gas regulations.

Disallows EPA from changing agricultural exemptions under the Clean Water Act.

Appropriates funding for the BLM, Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, Geological Survey, Wild land firefighting, Native American Programs, EPA, Smithsonian Institute, Treasury, General Services, SEC, and Washington DC.

Mr. LaMalfa knew that this was a must pass bill so he loaded it up with all kinds of restrictions that he knew would never pass on their own, moving forward his desire to remove regulations that would help us breath clean air, drink clean water, and begin the process of slowing down the rate of climate.

Mr. LaMalfa has also been busy with his obsession of weakening and trying to kill Obama Care.

H.R. 6199       Restoring Access to Medication and Modernizing Health Savings Accounts Act passed 277 – 142    LaMalfa voted Yea            Removes the tax on over-the-counter medications

and makes them as well as menstrual care products available under Health Savings Accounts s.  Loosens up regulations regarding who is able to enroll in HSAs, allows Direct Primary Care users to contribute to a HSAs,

H.R. 6311       Increasing Access to Lower Premium Plans          passed 242-176 LaMalfa voted Yea

This bill allows seniors on Medicare to contribute to a Health Savings Account, raises various contribution limits, and allows individuals over 30 to purchase Bronze Level Catastrophic health plans.

H.R. 184         Protect Medical Innovation Act         passed 283-132           LaMalfa voted Yea

Repeals the Medical Device Tax, the tax on sales of medical devices, sales of which would sky rocket as more people purchased health care.

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