By Lisa Schliff

[Note: The following article was in response to a recent article in The Union.]

The article about the Summer Lunch Program in Nevada County touched my heart.

The Nevada County Food Bank is doing an amazing job feeding kids each summer. It’s hard to imagine children who live among us going hungry. Yet they are not the only ones. Children all across this affluent country don’t have enough to eat.

Our members of congress and senate are working together right now on SNAP (formerly food stamps) legislation and funding for a final vote. The House bill calls for cuts to SNAP. Let’s call and write Congressman LaMalfa to not reduce funding to this effective program.

SNAP relieves hunger, improves health and economic outcomes for people, and saves health-care dollars. We can afford to be generous to those who are not getting enough to eat. What we can’t afford is to turn a blind eye to the children who will be shaping the future of this country.

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