By Milan Vodicka, Ph.D.


Honorable Representative LaMalfa:

This writing is prompted by your very own mailing – a fancy, full color, two-sided, full page size publication that appeared in my mailbox. It is extolling your virtues as a lawmaker, in your words, “working to make sure your family and our rural District get a fair shake in Congress.” Really?

It is hard not to characterize your mailing as a piece of personal pre-election propaganda. This, indeed, is what it is. And yet, you have the audacity to do the following, as stated in capital letters: THIS MAILING WAS PREPARED, PUBLISHED, AND MAILED AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. This means my expense! Here is my message to you: I do not authorize, condone, or otherwise wish to receive any mailing of this type from you. Kindly remove my name from your mailing list for this type of publications, and stop wasting my (and other taxpayers’) money for your own personal propaganda and gains.

Now, let me get more substantive. Your mailing states “I was sworn in to protect our freedoms and to get the federal government out of the way.” I trust I do not have to repeat for you the words of the Congressional Oath of Office – guaranteed you will not find there “get the federal government out of the way.” What does this phrase mean?

Your behavior as a lawmaker (politician), as evidenced by your voting record, demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding what “a representative” in the US Congress means, or what it should mean. To begin with, you were sworn in TO BE A FUNCTIONAL PART OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (as contrasted to be in opposition to it, “get it out of the way”). You were sworn in to represent ALL of your (CA District 1) constituents (as contrasted to representing a single party – or, worse than that – a single out of the mainstream person currently occupying the White House). Your voting record shows 96.6% conformance with Mr. Trump’s positions.

In line with that, “our freedoms” are actualized by you as “your freedoms.” In many cases the twisted logic of your “thinking” turns black to white and white to black. This is generally described as demagoguery, unfortunately subscribed to by you and some of your supporters. Let me give you examples.

Number one, healthcare. Sorry, I cannot avoid a mini-lecture here: There are ALWAYS three factors of ANY healthcare system – 1/ standard of quality, 2/ costs, and 3/ timeliness of delivery. Any change to any one aspect will affect the others.

You – and your party – are fixated on just one part of total (over life-time) costs – namely, the costs of premiums. Your “winner” is nothing for nothing insurance, with the rest of the population bearing the TOTAL costs for themselves. Hurray, Individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is gone; everyone is “free” not to participate! And – what the heck – who needs coverage for “pre-existing conditions?”

This is a point when the story becomes personal to me and to my family. My daughter was born with a “pre-existing condition,” it being the CMT disease. When my son-in-law lost his job, and hence the health coverage, THE WHOLE FAMILY (including my two grandchildren) was denied ANY COVERAGE. Yes, preexisting condition! It took ACA to correct this. That much for the “better” health care system you promote.

Another example: The absolutism of the Second Amendment. The issue is gun SAFETY, not gun control. They are two very different concepts. This is not getting through to you and, unfortunately, to many current gun ownership proponents. In what civilized country are schools shooting grounds? Let me remind you – you voted for persons on the no-fly list to have “a right” to purchase a gun!

There are limits to any freedom. Freedom of speech has its limits. Freedom to assemble has its limits. The Second Amendment should have its limits as well. With regards to SAFETY, mind you. Or, perhaps, sanity.

One more point, from the very long list I could go through. “Tax cuts…” Nice choice of smokescreen words! Where do those tax cuts – let us be honest, mostly for the rich – leave your party’s avowed war against deficits? Please, with regard to recent developments, would you advise your dedicated followers that “tariffs” are “taxes?”

So we know it. From your side, “government is bad,” “taxes are bad,” “healthcare for all is bad…”

You do not have your act together. You need to be voted out.

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