California Congressional District 1:  Audrey Denney (Dem) vs. Doug La Malfa (Rep) *


Audrey Denney’s Positions:

Guns: Supports common sense gun control with universal background checks and keeping guns away from domestic abusers, violent criminals, and those with severe mental illness by expanding California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order.

Health Care: Believes health care is a human right. Will work to guarantee universal health care through single-payer/Medicare for All while also improving ACA to help those with excessive health care costs.

Immigration: Will work for bipartisan immigration reform that protects DACA recipients, provides pathway to citizenship, fixes visa backlog, and protects family unification.

Taxes: Opposes the Republican tax bill overhaul, as believes it helps the wealthy, cuts taxes when the government is currently underfunded, and will add 1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years.

Marijuana: Believes the prison system and law enforcement are overburdened with criminalization of marijuana.  Nation needs to explore decriminalization or even legalization options.

Entitlement Programs: Will defend Social Security against privatization and fight to ensure the wealthiest pay their share so program is sustainable. Supports Medicaid expansion so that people don’t suffer from lack of health care coverage.


Doug La Malfa’s Positions:

Guns: Doesn’t support any further gun restrictions at the federal level. Co-sponsored the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, an NRA-backed act that allows anyone who can legally carry a concealed gun in one state to do so in all states.

Health Care: Does not support single-payer health care, as believes it is a centrally-planned government program and would not be effective.

Immigration: Believes California should work with federal government to secure the border, allowing for better control of immigration. Opposes sanctuary state law. Supports legal, not illegal, immigration.

Taxes: States the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been successful in his district; supports cutting taxes.

Marijuana: Is against further decriminalization; believes state’s legalization has created societal problems.

Entitlement Programs: Seniors and those near retirement depend on Medicare and Social Security and should not be penalized. Believes system needs changes, however, for long-term success, including exploring limited means testing, individual accounts, and increasing age requirements.


* For more information, see Sacramento Bee’s 2018 Voter Guide, California Congressional Dist. 1

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