By Michele Spencer


One would think that it couldn’t get much better than sharing a delicious Summer BBQ feast in breezy abundant shade on a beautiful estate with fellow Democrats while the Amaryllis Trio soothed us with their gentle music.

But it did get better.  Inspired with a Nisenan blessing, it was uplifting as well as sobering and gave us all hope for the future by listening to our 2 very special guests.

AUDREY DENNEY, who is running for Congress in District 1 against Doug LaMalfa, spoke first.  Audrey has a dynamic background in agriculture, education and non-profit management.

“At my core is a belief in the inherent equality, dignity and rights of all people. I am committed to fight injustice and to advance the cause of justice at every opportunity,” she said.  “When voter turn-out is low we lose our power and surrender.  Our only hope is to get to the polls if we want to hold on to what we are as Americans during these dangerous times.  Register because you have good reason to do so and get the 400,000 registered voters in this District out to vote if you want to change this so-called “safe” Republican seat!  There is a vital need to participate and engage in our democracy!” she said to thunderous applause.

(See:; Contact: 530-592-0756; P.O. Box 5174, Chico, CA 95927)

FIONA MA is running for State Treasurer and possesses the expertise and experience to serve us well in that office. She is a strong, dedicated and proven leader.  She is a CPA who, after private practice, worked with John Burton and then served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as well as in the State Assembly and then on the Board of Equalization after she was termed out. She is experienced, principled and innovative…..and she is funny.

“I understand taxes and government and people.  I will use all my experience for my purpose which is to create a financial wall around California so I can tell Trump to ‘Kiss my “behind”.’  We need to take back Congress and the Senate and kick Trump out.  Every vote is going to count.  Bad things can happen if we don’t act,” she said to an enthusiastic, wildly supportive audience.

(See:; Contact:  (415) 845-5450; 1032 Irving Street, #908, San Francisco, CA 94122.)

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