By Jackie Finley

As I write, we’re about 90 days from the November election. Indications are that unless the political landscape shifts dramatically, progressives have an excellent chance of regaining power and a resultant opportunity to get the country back on track. Democratic candidates are doing well in many races due in large part to growing dissatisfaction with President Trump. As unscrupulous as he is, his incompetency and undignified demeanor have helped to unify a sometimes fragmented progressive voting base.

There’s no time to be complacent, however, as the real work is just starting.  As we progressive voters head into the crucial midterm election, it’s time to focus on well-qualified candidates running for local offices, and to unite on issues that define us: well-paying jobs, affordable housing, educational excellence, sound environmental practices, and a community that supports and recognizes the strengths of everyone.   Re-structuring starts from the ground up, creating and promoting a collaborative base for positive change on higher political levels.

Vote for local and regional candidates that have inclusive, innovative ideas for getting our community reunited and working together for the common good.   Shared goals will turn this county – and country — around if we keep up the fight.

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