By Robert Provenzano


In a press release Mr. LaMalfa announced that the International Trade Commission, whom he testified before in May 2018, voted to give relief to the Ripe Olive Industry in Northern California against Spain which has been dumping subsidized Ripe Olives in the US below fair market price. Mr. LaMalfa states that this will save thousands of jobs in Northern California.


In a press release Mr. LaMalfa announced his support for Biomass waste-to energy production by leading a bipartisan group of lawmakers to ask the EPA to give Biomass the same support given to other renewable energy sources.  Mr. LaMalfa noted that given the current weak state of our forests and the number of dead and dying trees in Northern California, Biomass is a natural pathway to the future for District One.


H.R. 6136       Border Security and Immigration Reform Act     failed 121-301 LaMalfa voted No     This was the compromise version of Immigration Reform, brought to a vote by leadership to keep a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans from bringing a discharge petition to force a vote. It failed because conservative Republicans like Mr. LaMalfa wanted to bring a much more conservative bill, to the floor.  This bill traded aid to DACA immigrants (dreamers) for $24 Billion for the southern border wall.


H.R. 3281       Reclamation Title Transfer Act      passed 233-184          LaMalfa voted Yea

This bill provides an easier method to transfer water reclamation projects from the federal government to state or local entities that intend to use the project in the same method as they are currently used. Currently, Congress must authorize each transfer individually which can be a very difficult and time consuming process. This bill promises to give more local control to water use, but as with all water issues could lead to water users upstream stepping on water users downstream without the oversight of the Federal Government.  Could be good for some water users and bad for others.


H.R. 200         Strengthening Fishing Communities Act   passed 222-193          LaMalfa votes Yea    This bill requires fishery management plans to consider the economic needs of the fishing communities when establishing fishing limits. Given the current abysmal state of most commercial fish populations taking the needs of the fishing community who overfished the population in the first place, over the needs of the fish population which is in crises seems shortsighted.  Mr. LaMalfa, in his quest for land based water rights has been vocal in his opposition to providing water and dam removal necessary to return health to the fish stocks.  Now he wants to make the health of the fish stocks dependent on the economic health of the very industry that depleted the fish stocks in the first place.  We need to withdraw Mr. LaMalfa from Washington and return balance to our leadership priorities.

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