By Jackie Finley

Trump recently stated that he is on the warpath again against safe, legal abortions. He confirmed Roe v. Wade is “on the chopping block” and reiterated his 2016 campaign comment that women who have abortions “need to be punished.”

What is prompting this renewed attack on reproductive rights? The president is obviously attempting to put on a pious air for his conservative base by using it as a means to deflect attention from his continuous self-inflicted scandals.  There is another aspect, however, deeper than the immediate issue. It is the fact that his stance on abortion belies his deeper disdain for women. This misogynistic perspective is dangerous for our society, as many of Trump’s supporters assume his harmful positions on social issues and become his minions in carrying out what he professes. We are at risk of his broader campaign against women permeating American society if citizens of both genders don’t stay alert.  Tossing Roe v. Wade is Trump’s first arrow in putting women back “in their place.”

Actions speak louder than words and Trump’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. He claims to “love women” and promote them in the business world, yet his boorish behavior speaks otherwise. He judges women on their physical attractiveness and boasts that “grabbing them” in most disrespectful ways is funny and part of his entitlement package. He insults women in positions of power and mocks the MeToo movement, never acknowledging he contributed to its existence. Sadly, he covers his tracks with money and yes-men (and unfortunately, some yes-women) who will sell their souls to the devil to stay on his good side.

Trump’s push to outlaw legal abortions could portend a broader regressive trend for American women, especially if he can garner enough support from his base. After decades of fighting for equal pay, opportunity, and respect, Trump and his ilk could do serious damage to much-fought-for strides for equality.  Progressives of both genders need to remain vigilant and fight back whenever a move is made – however subtle — to relegate women to lower status.

Trump wears a fake halo when convenient, but eventually  his true colors show through loud and clear.  He pretends to support and promote women, but his calculated actions speak for themselves. His guise of “protecting women” is potentially a means to turn back the clock for them, just as he is doing for other Americans he doesn’t truly respect or understand.

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