By Dick Sciaroni


As we slog through the dog days of summer with a President wholly committed to self-aggrandizement at the expense of America, its people and their traditional and ever-loyal allies, as we endure a Republican Congress unwilling to question corruption in the Cabinet or the programs of an Administration designed to enrich those already wealthy beyond counting, as we watch a President pander to the worst elements of society, foreign and domestic, one is tempted ask, “What’s the use?” in continuing to call out the President and his supporters, much less continue to support those with the courage to stand for election against Trump and his toadies.  Yet that is precisely what Trump and his cronies want – that we throw in the towel, as it were, and accept a President and a government that divides families in the name of zero tolerance immigration and insults allies while encouraging autocrats like Vladimir Putin to continue to bully his neighbors and meddle in our elections.  We cannot forget that Trump’s actual accomplishments are few and hollow indeed: an “agreement” with North Korea that allows “Great Leader” Kim to continue to expand his nuclear arsenal; withdrawal from Climate Accords that makes America a lonely international pariah; and tax reform that only furthers income inequality.  Meanwhile, Trump lines his pockets with ill-gotten gains in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Either we continue to seek a government that serves the needs of all the American people, or we step aside and let those like Trump and his supporters continue their rapacious attack on America.  I, for one, will continue to call out Trump for what he is, a demagogue without principles, incapable of serving the interests of anyone but his own. It is really that simple: either we stand firm against Trump’s assault on traditional American notions of equality and compassion, or we watch the decline of the American dream.  For that is what America is:  more than a place, more than a people, America has been, since its earliest days, the never-ending pursuit of that shining city on a hill where all are equal, and welcomed for who they are.

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