By Jackie Finley

Doug LaMalfa is again using the slogan, “He’s one of us,” in his campaign rhetoric.  In previous campaigns he’s used that same slogan to solidify his base of conservative, rural Californians in order to create a divisive and “us vs. them” mentality.  If you’re not in the “us” category, your opinions on CD1’s future don’t hold much water.

LaMalfa should pay attention to what is happening in this country, especially in Washington. If he did, he might realize that advocating a “black or white” approach to solving problems only separates constituents into rigid, stone-throwing camps and results in a chronic angry stalemate.

We need a new representative in Washington, someone who realizes this district is becoming more diverse than LaMalfa acknowledges. Taking a divisive approach and ignoring those who don’t walk a narrow, conservative path isn’t the way to bring communities together. Everyone, from ranchers to town dwellers, liberals to conservatives, needs to have a voice and to feel included and valued.

It is time for thoughtful voters to oust the LaMalfa machine.

Look at Democrat Audrey Denney’s webpage ( and you’ll see a visionary with a solid foundation in the rural counties. She understands the district’s history, culture and future needs. She encompasses a much-needed combination of traditional values and forward-looking ideas and innovations.  Unlike LaMalfa, Denney doesn’t limit her appeal to only one voter type, but focuses on what is best for all.  Her definition of “us,” unlike LaMalfa’s, means everyone.

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