H.R. 5895       Energy and Water Development     passed 235-179          LaMalfa voted Yea  

This bill appropriates funding for Energy and Water projects as well as Department of Defense and Legislative budgets.  This bill does not authorize any spending, it simply budgets amounts of tax dollars that can be spent on various items.  Part of this bill appropriates $13.42 billion for fossil fuel research to advance the use of coal, natural gas, and oil while reducing funding for renewable energy research by $243 million.  This bill also prohibits new nuclear nonproliferation projects in Russia, allows guns on Corps of Engineering lands, and freezes Congressional paychecks for 1 year.

H.R. 5895 repeals the Waters of the US rule which was established to address the problem of water pollution throughout the US. Mr. LaMalfa in a February 28, 2017 press release applauded President Trump’s executive order dismantling this rule. Mr. LaMalfa has fought throughout his career to keep government, both state and federal, from regulating water. His belief seems to be that water belongs to whomever owns the land over which the water flows or under which the water lies.  He fails to realize that water is fungible, in other words, water flow freely to where ever it flows and he who pollutes the water in his charge pollutes the water for everyone.  Mr. LaMalfa has opposed regulations to prevent erosion runoff from logging and other forest roads, and has opposed regulation of ground water and aquifer use. Mr. LaMalfa seems to not understand that regulation would not be necessary if people and business would act in a manner that does not affect the right of other people and business to clean air, clean water, and a sustainable environment.

With this bill Mr. LaMalfa wins, perhaps temporarily, his fight to keep water from being regulated in order to keep clean water available to every American.


H.R. 5735       Thrive Act     passed 230-173          LaMalfa voted Yea   This Act provides for the use of a small percent of Section 8 housing funds to provide transitional housing for substance abuse recovery, providing housing, job training, mental health services, and providing a safe location to aid in recovery.  I read the bill and fail to understand why so many Democrats voted against this bill.


H.R. 251         SITSA Act     passed 239-142          LaMalfa votes Aye    This Act gives the Attorney General the power to decide which drugs to criminalize, bypassing the Department of Health opinion on the need for criminalization.  Previously the Department of Health had equal weight in the criminalization process. We cannot give a single person, the Attorney General the power over these decisions; it is the job of the Attorney General to enforce laws, not to create laws.

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