By Jackie Finley

I grew up in a “New Deal” family. My parents spoke highly of the programs fashioned during the Great Depression, believing that drastic times often call for drastic measures, and that knowing when a change is necessary is half the battle.

We’re again facing drastic times and needing something “new.”  While our country isn’t currently facing another 1930s-era economic meltdown, we are in the midst of another type of depression: communal despair over this nation’s identity, direction and soul.   We’re a “house divided” and our leaders, focused solely on their own needs and images, show little interest in mending our ever-widening rifts. Promised a “new deal,” the U.S. is actually getting a raw deal.

How do we start to get back on track? We begin at the local level by voting for progressive, future-oriented candidates who recognize that “same old, same old” won’t propel our wonderful Nevada County   into the future.  We need innovative programs and opportunities for our young people; support for neighborhood businesses; and a mindset that listens to everyone.  Unless we’re willing to test new strategies and adjust as needed, much as progressive leaders of past generations weren’t afraid to do, serious depression will become the norm.

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