By Robert Provanzano

National Infrastructure Week

In his newsletter of May 20, 2018 Mr. LaMalfa states that we are lagging far behind where we should  be in doing something about our infrastructure what with ‘Dilapidated roads, crumbling bridges, and battered levees and dams’.  He tells us that nationwide we have infrastructure needs of about $2 trillion.  He then tells us that rural areas like Northern California are in even worse shape. So, why would our representative, knowing that we need a lot of dollars to correct our infrastructure problem vote for tax cuts that add $1.3 trillion to the deficit rather than voting fix our infrastructure.  What kind of leader is this man?  Why do we keep electing him?


Agriculture and Nutrition Act

In a press release May 18, 2018 Mr. LaMalfa laments the fact that the Act failed to pass the House of Representatives.  He implies that the failure was due to the fact that not a single Democrat voted for the Act while failing to state that 30 Republicans failed to vote for the Act; including Tom McClintock, Data Rohrabacher, and Darrell Issa. Considering that many of the Bills Mr. LaMalfa favors pass with very few or no Democrat votes perhaps he would be better going after members of his own caucus to excuse the failed of this act.


H.R. 2Agriculture and Nutrition Act                     failed 198-213           

LaMalfa voted YeaThis bill seems to have failed on the Republican side because hard right Republican Representatives wanted to tie passage of this bill to a vote on a hard right Immigration bill that would have authorized building of the border wall, hardened attacks on sanctuary cities, and provided for work visas that could not lead to citizenship; on the Democratic side because it would have forced able bodied citizens to work 20 hours per week in order to receive food stamps, and would have extended the sugar support program; and overall because it would have failed in the Senate which is writing its own farm bill.


H.R. 2152       Citizens Right to Know Actpassed 221-197         

LaMalfa voted Yea   State and local jurisdictions who take grant money from the DOJ for pretrial services must report the name, history of missed court appearances, amount of money granted, and past criminal convictions for defendants participating in pretrial services.


H.R. 5645       Smarter Act   passed 230-185         

LaMalfa voted Yea   Would cause the FTC to use the procedure of the Justice Department rather than its own administrative authority while enforcing merger cases.  This bill undermines the ability of the FTC to work as an independent agency as opposed to being subject to pressure from the executive branch of government.

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