by Chris Hawkins

We continually look outside of our community to save our economy, enticing companies to move here to provide jobs; unfortunately this approach resulted in failed projects and a revolving door of leadership.

It’s time for a change.

We need to grow businesses and jobs right here. We need to establish deeper, more sustainable economic roots, and incentives to reinvest local profits for viable upward growth and steadier, long-term employment.   We need business training for our young people, opportunities to expand and diversify current businesses, and expedited broadband access that encourages folks to stay and grow a 21stcentury economy.

Our community has talent and resources to do this, with young entrepreneurs and seasoned retirees full of fresh ideas and perspectives. They need transformative opportunities to stay and grow.  Storefront owners, facing rising rents and retail attrition, need online sales supplements.  Technologists need adequate broadband to compete in worldwide marketing.  Local cannabis farmers need fair and regulated ordinances, so we can keep tangible income in our county and fund important county services through their tax contributions.

Let’s stop making the same mistakes and vote for Hilary Hodge for BOS.    She’ll invest in Nevada County, so we can grow and sustain our economy for years to come.

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