(Highlights of Information sent by Bob Gould)

Bob Gould, a Nevada County resident currently residing in London and a member of Democrats Abroad, recently sent some feedback as to how the American political situation is perceived by those in England.   We will be incorporating some of his observations, etc., into future editions.

In the meantime, he suggests reading Madeline Albright’s opinion piece, Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?  (New York Times; April 6, 2018).  It is eye-opening.

He also pointed out that Democrats Abroad hosted an April 26thspecial reception for Democratic National Committee Chair, Tom Perez.  Mr. Perez spoke about the DNC’s midterm plans and how the party will go forward toward 2020.  Proceeds from the event were to go to the 2018 DA Study Abroad Outreach program, dedicated to helping register the thousands of American students studying abroad that are eligible to vote this fall.  It is good to know that concerned citizens continue to actively rally against the Trump administration, even when not currently living on American soil.

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