By Robert Provenzano

Who is Mr. LaMalfa trying to kid, and are we going to fall for his bluff?

H.R. 1 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed 227-205 LaMalfa voted Yea
Provides a tax cut that will lead to a deficit increase greater than $1,400 billion; reduce corporate and individual taxes; raise the standard deduction and repeal or reduce many individual deductions. Would also allow pass-through companies to deduct 20% of their income, double the child tax credit, allow business to deduct 100% of equipment expenses, and lower taxes on overseas earnings. The most notable thing about this tax cut was that it was not paid for. Mr. LaMalfa votes Yea on this bill full well knowing that it would raise the deficit by $1.4 trillion.

H.R. 1625 Consolidated Appropriations Act passed 256-167 LaMalfa voted Nay
The House passed all twelve appropriations bill required to fund the US Government with few or no Democratic votes, but the Senate which requires Democratic votes to pass anything failed to pass any of the appropriations bills. This bill brings all twelve appropriations bills together in a giant bill which few if any congressmen have read. Mr. LaMalfa voted against this bill because, according to his press release, “Though this bill does plenty of good things – such as funding for Sites Reservoir, Secure Rural Schools, and forestry reform – it also increases the deficit at an alarming rate.” ( Press Release March 22, 2018)

So where is the bluff? Mr. LaMalfa voted for the tax cut that brought about the deficit then voted against the spending bill that would fund the Federal Government because the deficit that he voted for was too large. He voted for it before he voted against it. Again I ask, why would we elect a representative to the Federal Government who doesn’t like the Federal Government and is actively engaged in trying to close it down and/or bankrupt it?

H.R. 5444 Taxpayer First Act passed 414 – 0 LaMalfa voted Yea
Creates a new Office of Appeals within the IRS to administer taxpayer appeals and review IRS decisions. Requires the IRS to create a new customer service strategy, revise the procedures for seizing property, issuing summonses, using private debt collectors, and sharing tax information to third parties. Notice that this bill is actually bi-partisan passing with 0 no-votes.

H.R. 5445 21st Century IRS Act passed 414-3 LaMalfa voted Yea
This bill begins the process of updating IRS electronic data methods, cybersecurity, identity protection, and prevents third party contractors and agencies from receiving tax payer information unless they can show that they comply with confidentiality safeguards. Cause the IRS to create a method for taxpayers to submit tax forms online and protect taxpayer data and information.

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