By Robert Provenzano

Where does the LaMalfa campaign get its money?
According to at the latest filing Mr. LaMalfa has raised $343,840; spent $166,117; has $266,840 cash on hand; and $16,621 in debts. Mr. LaMalfa is certainly not a populist, having raised only 2.64% of his money in small contributions (<$200); while 52% of his campaign funds come from large individual donations and 44.64% come from PAC’s. Mr. LaMalfa puts none of his own money into his campaign. Recent bills passed by Mr. LaMalfa and his teammates. H.R. 1119 Sense Act passed 215-189 LaMalfa voted Yea Amends Clean Air Act section 112 to allow 19 electric plants (14 in Pennsylvania) that burn coal refuse (waste product from coal mining that is stored above ground) and are not able to meet clean air standards because they produce too much hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide to keep running.

Coal refuse is environmentally hazardous so using it to produce energy makes sense, but the pollution created by these old plants is hazardous as well, not only to the state using the energy and pollution but also to the states downwind of the plants.
Coal refuse can be burned cleanly, but these 19 generating plants either do not want to spend the money to clean up their smokestacks or simply cannot clean them up. Allowing these 19 plants to continue polluting is a slippery slope; what other pollution producers do we decide to live with regardless of the harm they do to the air we breathe and the water we drink? Sometimes our legislators are wrong regardless of the decision they make.

H.R. 4607 Comprehensive Regulatory Review Act passed 264-143 LaMalfa voted Yea Requires federal financial regulatory agencies to review all existing regulations every 7 years as opposed to every 10 years as is now the case. Adds the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Credit Union Administration to the list of agencies that must review their regulations. Where previously regulators were mandated to look for outdated and unnecessary regulations, this new law mandates that regulators look at cost, liability risk, and other financial burdens placed on large banks, payday lenders, and financial service companies by the regulations.

H.R. 4545 Financial Institutions Examinations Fairness and Reform Act passed 283-133 LaMalfa voted Yea Creates an Examination Review Board that will hear appeals to the agencies from their examinations of financial institutions. Requires the review board to complete the review within 60 days of completion of the examination.

I, and many of the contractors that I know, are only now recovering from damage caused by the recession and Mr. LaMalfa is busy rolling back the regulations put in place to protect us from another financial institution caused recession.

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