By Jackie Finley

As we head into the June elections, it is important that we focus our support – time, energy, and money – on candidates that embody the Democratic values of equality and opportunity for all. Unlike conservatives, our ideals are not based on materialism and the need to conform to the status quo, but rather are founded on the belief that progress – and the necessary capability of critiquing ourselves as a society – can result in everyone having equal opportunities and viable chances for leading healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Hilary Hodge, running for Board of Supervisors District 3, deserves our support and votes. A strong advocate for social justice and believer in the power of community, she will be an asset to the Board of Supervisors. Ready to challenge the “same old, same old,” she will bring new energy and ideas to our local government, giving western Nevada County the impetus to move forward and flourish in ways it has yet to accomplish. Jobs, housing affordability, environmental concerns, and community integrity are all issues of great importance to Hilary, issues that if addressed and improved can result in an enhanced lifestyle for all local citizens.

Please go to https://hilaryhodgeforsupvervisor.com for more information.

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