By Richardt Stormsgaard

We could be at the threshold of a constitutional crisis with the Republican Party preventing the investigation of President Trump and his closest advisers and their innumerable and very deep contacts to Russia, not to mention other illegalities specifically in violation of the US Constitution. Just a few years ago even the appearance that one of the two major US political parties would be engaged in secret collaboration with our main historical enemy to keep political control of this country would have been inconceivable. But much has occurred during the last decades to lead us to this point in time. Perhaps it should not be such a surprise at all.

Beginning during the Clinton years, right-wing media began a multifaceted campaign of savaging Democrats in charge, beginning with the fishing expeditions of the so-called White-water scandals, and until this day fabricated tales of collusion between Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the DOJ are made to turn Donald Trump into a victim. In fact much of what the Republican Party today represents is an outright attack on American democracy itself, its institutions, and its citizens, including the horrendous tax cuts that likely will lead the to lingering death from general defunding of institutions developed for the common good and the systematic voter suppression efforts that have led to political right-wing control of this country.

We have all heard the chorus of right-wingers wanting to flush the government down the sewer during the last two decades, and the real purpose behind this effort has been to eventually stifle/eliminate the many necessary programs that moderates from both parties have established for the benefit of all American citizens and indeed our democracy itself. It has been a very successful campaign to delegitimize more than a hundred years of progressive political legislation and judicial rulings creating programs and services to protect average Americans.

Countless Republicans in moments of hubris or honesty, including prominent local Republicans in letters to the Union, have time and time again declared that the US never should have developed into a democracy at all, according to their reading of the Constitution.

After the 2016 election Democrats are finally realizing the extent of right-wing cheating made possible by the scuttling of the Voting Rights Acts in 2013. They are now challenging the worst gerrymandered districts in various Republican states that led to the worst systematic voter suppression since the Jim Crow Era, leading to the stolen election of Donald Trump. I submit this link with just some of the examples of what many Democrats now finally realize is an outright assault on the one person one vote principle, and an attack US democracy.


  1. The linked article is worth reading. Thanks, Richard.
    I believe that most people believe their own BS – which leaves me wondering how much of what we’re seeing on the part of many in the GOP is self-delusion, and how much is a conscious effort to de-construct democracy (emphasis on the small ‘d’). I strongly suspect that there are some who are fully aware of the undermining of the institutions of democracy, and that there are quite of number of legislators who have just come to believe that anyone who doesn’t see the world their way is flat out wrong, …. perhaps evil and doing the work of evil forces. That’s a stunning situation, but we are called on not to be stunned, but to work to preserve principles like one person, one vote; to make politics a noble art of what is possible again; to re-establish a much higher level of civility in our civic lives; to rationally consider others’ points of view; and to do our best to fulfill our own civic duties.

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