By Dick Sciaroni

With the majority of national and regional news media filled with stories of national concern – the Nunes memo, the Mueller investigation, government shutdowns, DACA and immigration reform, and the stock market, jobs/wages and the economy are but a few examples –local issues are too often forced to the back of the bus and the back pages of print media. Here in Nevada County we are lucky to have The Union that provides in-depth coverage of local issues including the impact and cost of the proposed Centennial Dam, licensing cannabis farms and dispensaries, and widening of Hwy 174. We should focus, as does The Union, on local issues, including the reality of an aging population, affordability of housing and job opportunities. In the years to come, these issues will impact the quality of our lives more directly than the petty disputes of political elites in Washington. This coming June we will begin another round of elections, including selection of a new sheriff, County supervisors and City leaders, the NID board and other boards and commissions, followed by still more elections in November. Local office holders, not Washington politicos, will decide the Centennial Dam issue, craft a cannabis ordinance and shape the economy of Nevada County – in short, the look and feel of Nevada County in the coming decades. We must keep our focus on Nevada County and the issues we will face in the future, and let the Washington elite pursue their childish pranks.

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