– By Jaqueline Finley

I read in this morning’s news that actor Robert De Niro just “unleashed a profanity-laced tirade” against President Trump, calling him every vulgarity he could pull out of his hat. While I understand his extreme anger and frustration at the current president and his administration, such name calling in the public forum is counter-productive and reeks of adolescence.  We already have adolescent behavior in the White House and that is more than enough. We, as progressive, reflective Americans, need to express our social and political beliefs and goals through clear, concise, and mature communication. We all know that emotion is part of politics, but calling President Trump the worst names possible accomplishes little except to expose the speaker as an individual who needs attention. If De Niro — and others like him who hate Trump– want to reach the masses, he’d be far more effective if he’d tone down the school yard expletives and replace his tirade with some intelligent comments that people might actually hear.  Trump supporters are going to use De Niro’s rampage as “I told you so,” supporting their contention that many progressives have lowered their standards and have no respect for decorum.  Fence-sitters, those who aren’t wild about Trump, but have yet to connect or re-connect with the more liberal political side, are going to find little of substance in such language and will continue to look for reasons to take politics seriously or will drop out altogether.  Progressive Americans need to act dignified and have clear alternatives to the current mess in Washington.  Getting down in the gutter only makes things worse.

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  1. Right on!
    It is so important for progressives to act civilized because when we are not it comes back to haunt us. I recall several Union articles from conservatives about “violent and aggressive” behavior, often referring to university situations, from what I have read in other sources grossly exaggerated. With the string of election victories we have been experiencing in 2017 it is imperative that we appeal to moderates who now are finding it more and more difficult to deny the depravity of the Republican Party, and we should forcefully point these facts out but in a sober manner.
    The right-wing has been so successful during the last many decades because they have expertly created whole worlds of false equivalencies, narratives, and outright lies that is occupying much of even main stream media to draw attention away from their stealth campaign against ordinary Americans.
    Let us hold them accountable for wanting to destroy the social safety net, clean air and water regulations, and many of our institutions that protect ordinary Americans.
    Particularly medicare and social security are issues that we can beat Republicans on so let us not give them ammunition to divert the attention of voters to other issues.

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