– By Lisa Schliff –

In 1994, my sister Diana was struck in the head by a concrete building block that had rolled off a CalTrans hillside construction site and crashed through the front windshield of the car she was riding in. Many years later she still suffers the consequences of the permanent damage, including visual, hearing, cognitive impairment and PTSD. Her ability to make a living as a legal secretary abruptly came to an end.

Since then she has received permanent disability benefits. Thank goodness Medicare covers a great deal of her many medical needs or she would be suffering even more.

If the present administration succeeds in passing the voucher proposal for Medicare, it will increase costs and risks for everybody who needs it. A voucher program would move Diana into poverty. Many other Americans with disabilities would suffer the same fate.

Donald Trump assured older voters during the presidential campaign that Medicare would remain intact. As voting constituents of Congressman LaMalfa, we each have the power to influence his political decisions on our tax dollars. Please call, write, email, and reach out to LaMalfa and his staff aides to let him know that you don’t want him to approve Medicare cuts for the Fiscal Year 2018. Speak out at the Town Hall Meetings, too! My sister and all senior citizens who have paid into the system should be able to receive the full Medicare benefits they so greatly deserve.

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