Why you should vote for Democrats

Democrat’s positions are supported by the majority of Americans

   90% support background checks for all gun purchases.

   80% support comprehensive immigration reform.

   80% support raising the minimum wage.

   81% favor a surtax on people making over $1million.

   60% support Obama’s “Buffet rule” – that millionaires should pay a minimum tax rate of 30% on all income – i.e. TAX INVESTMENT INCOME  LIKE WAGE INCOME.

   70-80% oppose cuts in Social Security.

   66% support raising the cap on the payroll (FICA) tax to make Social Security sustainable.

   70% (53%Republicans) want to keep Medicare as is.

   65% supported Obama’s Job Act that would have created millions of jobs through infrastructure improvement projects.

   Majorities support closing tax loopholes that give tax advantages to large  companies that send jobs and money overseas.

   Majorities support gay/lesbian marriage equality.

   Majorities support keeping abortion legal and supporting women’s health, family planning and contraceptives.

    Majorities support legalizing medical marijuana.

   Majorities support many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act

                Democrats are the party of the People!!!!!