Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Resolution to support California Law’s regarding Medical Marijuana

Whereas, California and 17 other states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing the use of cannabis when recommended by a physician, and Whereas over 825,000 Americans are caught up in the criminal justice system every year for marijuana law violations, and

Whereas, the United States spends over $20 billion a year enforcing marijuana prohibition laws, and Whereas thousands of people are murdered every year involving the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States and marijuana accounts for over half of these illegal drugs, and Whereas polls show overwhelming support for the medicinal use of cannabis, and

Whereas, marijuana prohibition laws are racially enforced with a far larger percentage of African-Americans and Hispanics convicted and imprisoned for marijuana prohibition offenses than their white counterparts even though marijuana use in their communities is no more than in white communities, and Whereas college students lose their college grants and scholarships if found using marijuana,

Now, therefore be it Resolved that the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee supports the California laws regarding the cultivation, production and use of medical marijuana, and

Be it further Resolved that the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee asks President Obama, the US Department of Justice, California State Law Enforcement Agencies, Nevada County Law Enforcement entities to end any interference or raids on legitimate medical marijuana enterprises, and to immediately undertake a comprehensive study to produce recommendations for reform and expansion of our nation’s medical marijuana prohibition laws.