Laura’s Law

Laura’s Law

Resolution to support implementation of Laura’s Law.

Whereas, Nevada County, California has implemented Laura’s Law that allows enforcement of Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) orders for potentially dangerous mentally ill patients, and

Whereas, Many California Counties have failed to implement Laura’s Law despite the fact that the policy has proven to be effective in significantly reducing arrests and incarcerations, has increased collaboration between the mental health and justice system and has resulted in a more efficient and effective cross-agency delivery system, and

Whereas, New Yorks Kendra’s Law, which Laura’s Law is patterned after, has conclusively demonstrated that assisted treatment significantly reduces the severest consequences for participants who formerly had failed or refused treatment,

Now, therefore be it Resolved that the California Democratic Party urges all California County Boards, Commissions, Agencies, and Departments, where applicable, to implement Laura’s Law, and

Be it further Resolved that the California Democratic Party urges the California Congressional Delegation to introduce legislation at the National level patterned after Kendra’s ‘s Law and Laura’s Law.