Fracking Moratorium

Resolution in Support of a California Fracking Moratorium ;

Dear Honorable Jerry Brown, Darrell Steinberg, John A. Perez and John Burton,

At its regular August 15, 2013 meeting, the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee voted to adopt a Resolution in Support of a California Fracking Moratorium


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Of a letter to: Brown, Steinberg, Perez and Burton

and respectfully requests that Governor Brown act to place into effect such a moratorium.


The resolution is as follows:

WHEREAS:  In May 2013 the California Legislature failed to pass a moratorium on fracking, and;


WHEREAS:  The effects of injecting trillions of gallons of fresh water and billions of gallons of chemicals at high pressure into the ground are not known at this time, hence a moratorium on fracking has been deemed mandatory until its threats and mitigation are studied scientifically, and;


WHEREAS:  An online petition, http://petitions.moveoln.ord/sign/support-california-fracking?source=c.em.cp&r_by=6781055 has been created to gather signatures from citizens, and the petition will be delivered to Governor Jerry Brown for his action;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That the Nevada County Democratic Party Central Committee supports the above petition and urges their constituents to sign the petition to prevent a looming environmental disaster in the State of California.