Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Resolution Urging the United States Congress to Enact a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Whereas, nearly all scientific experts agree on the basics of climate change: that the Earth is warming, humans are causing it, and it’s already harming usand other species; and continuing to burn fossil fuels at recent rates poses farmore dangerous and significant risks for our children and grandchildren andwill increase the social and economic costs of climate change borne by thecitizens of California and the world; and

Whereas, a U.S. federal carbon tax would incentivize substantial privateinvestment in clean energy and energy efficiency and reduce fossil fueldevelopment, allowing the market to determine which alternative technologiesare most effective and reducing global warming emissions and future climatechange, while improving public health and increasing prosperity and economicsustainability; and

Whereas, such a tax can be implemented relatively quickly and can bedesigned to allow for efficient collection and a smooth economic transition, tomitigate the economic impact on most Americans, and to maintain thecompetitiveness of U.S. businesses in international trade, while encouragingother nations to establish their own carbon taxes and rising rapidly enough toreduce emissions as quickly as scientists say is needed to avoid the worstimpacts of global warming;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Nevada County Democratic Central Committeeurges the United States Congress to enact without delay a tax on the CO2potential of fossil fuels, collected as far upstream in the economy as practical,starting low but rising steadily and predictably, to achieve the goal of reducingU.S. CO2 emissions to 10% of 1990 levels by 2050; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all tax revenue should be returned tohouseholds to protect poor and middle income Americans from the impact ofrising prices due to the tax, and that the international competitiveness of U.S.businesses should be protected by using border tariffs and tax refunds.