Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act or as some would call it Obama/Romney Care  has been the law of the land since 2010. The final phase of implementation, setting up the State run Health Care Exchanges, is being implemented this year. California is leading the nation in this implementation. To check out how these exchnages will affect you there are two web site you can check out;   Kaiser Family Foundation provides truthful, in depth, and concise information

Also listed below are the many provisions of the ACA that will have a positive effect on our country;

  1. Lets adult children stay on their parent’s health insurance until age 26.
  2. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions.
  3. Insurance companies can no longer drop coverage when you get sick.
  4. Removes the cap insurance companies now have on how much they will pay in one year AND life time.
  5. 30 million more uninsured people will have affordable health care insurance.
  6. Provides state grants to develop educations initiatives for healthy living. Research shows for every $1 spent on education, reducing health care costs by $5.60.
  7. Annual physicals must be available with no co pay.
  8. Insurance companies must cover prenatal care, pregnancies and birth control contraceptives (excluding abortion services).The Guttmacher Institute estimates for every $1 spent on birth control and related services, tax payers save $3.74 in future social services.
  9. Closes the “donut” loophole in prescription drug coverage for seniors.
  10. Insurance companies must spend 80% on their premiums on direct patient care, not advertizing or executive pay.
  11. Through grants and low interest loans, more doctors and nurses will be trained in primary care to meet the growing need.
  12. States will set up “health insurance exchanges” to provide competition and assess to people who don’t have health insurance with their employer.
  13. Through the insurance mandate (everyone buys insurance or pays a tax), the cost of insurance will go down as the “pool of healthy people” buy insurance – just like businesses that require all their employees to participate in their health insurance plan to keep cost low for everyone.
  14. Sets up an Independent Advisory Board that will develop proposals to reduce costs (i.e. waste fraud and abuse) and improve the quality of care (promote best medical practices). Congress will have the ultimate say in implementing these proposals.
  15. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this plan will save tax payer $1.2 trillion over 20 years (cutting waste, fraud, and abuse) and creates over 800,000 job opening, because 800,000 people will no longer have to continue working just to keep health insurance.
  16. Starting in Oct 2013, uninsured people will be able to buy affordable health insurance in California through the Health Care Exchanges.